Old Ledbury L TILLEY and Son

L Tilley and Son


Ledbury Free Press and Herefordshire advertiser, published evry tuesday, by Luke TILLEY, price one penny, established in 1869, office High Street
Booksellers and stationers.
Deot of the S. P. C. K.
Suttons Parcels Office.
Agent for Norwich Union Fire and and London Accidental Insurance Companies.
Circulating Library

[Tilleys Shop]
Posting Station at the bottom of the Station Approach
Booksellers, stationers, photographers, fancy warehousemen, the library and printing works.

Tilleys Almanac Advertisements
[Tilleys Almanack 1916][Tilleys Almanack 1916]
[Tilleys Almanack 1916]
[Tilleys Almanack 1916][Tilleys Almanack 1916]
[Tilleys Almanack 1916][Tilleys Almanack 1916]
[Tilleys Almanack 1916][Tilleys Almanack 1916]
[Tilleys Almanack 1916]

Date Unknown
[Tilleys Shop]
Loved that shop when i was a kid,all those toys...DE
I think the fancy edges to the first floor windows are still there...JL
I used to work in there lovely old shop !...SP
Do you remember the firework cabinet that used to be at the back of the shop(up the stairs) around bonfire night. Did they also have a sort of lending library there at one time?...FP
Yes Fiona they did have a library at tilleys - my aunty dorothy used to work there...HJ
I remember the library at the back of Tilley's...JL
I remember the magic of that shop coming up to christmas it was every childs dream being in there...SMP
My Husband (Dave)'s Grandad was a printer for Tilleys...PM
Date Unknown
[Tilleys Posting Station Bye Street]
Posting Station Bye Street
Date Unknown
[Tilleys Shop]

Date Unknown
[Tilleys Employees]
Tilleys Printers L/R Mr MOSS, unknown, Trixie LEE, unknown, In Front George DAVIS ( he worked at Tilleys for 47yrs)
Did your dad have anything to do with the Tilley's Almanack?...JE
Yes he did. When he became foreman he did all the wording in the back of the Almanack which he got from the Ledbury Reporter of the events that had happened in Ledbury throughout the year. After he retired due to ill health he could not wait for the Almanack to come out then he would read it from cover to cover to see if he could find any spelling mistakes. Hope I haven't made any !!!!!...BH
Brenda a job for you then should they re do the Almanack?...JE
Daves Grandad worked at Tilleys, we think he might be the second from the left, but we haven't got any pictures of him. Do you know year this picture is from...PM
Paula what was your Grandads Name?...BH
His name was Frederick MALPAS...DM

16-17 High Street, Printers, stationers, bookmen, etc
Tilleys Almanac Advertisements
[Tilleys 1958][Tilleys 1958]
[Tilleys 1958][Tilleys 1958]
[Tilleys 1958][Tilleys 1958]
Many a happy hour up in the toy section had to go up steps to it...CP
Only place I could buy shoes for my doll and i still have doll and shoes now...VB
I used to love Tilleys and the toy section was fab - I used to spend hours in there!...SH
I used to look at the Hornby Doublo electic train sets, never ever managed to have one, they were �9-17s - 6p...TW
Our Mum and Dad had a blazing row, which resulted in Dad giving us �5 each. I was going to buy a Chipperfields circus that was in Tilleys window, unfortunately they made up on the evening which ended with Dad reclaiming he �5, Was I cheesed off...TS
I worked in Tilleys on Saturdays and holidays, has one of the great tills that you had to add up in your head and just push down the huge buttons for total price- damn hard going and then the till draw would shoot out nearly cracking your ribs!! they had a good "layby" scheme where people would put xmas presents by and pay weeky, only troublw was daft sods wrapped ALL of them in brown paper with just a number on each - so when they camt o collect took ages to find the bloody things lol...SD

[Tilleys Shop Flat Above]
View of Tilleys, especially for the window about which was our 'front room,' when we lived there. Recognise the girl in the blazer but can't put a name to the face.
When did you live there? Think this was the same flat my Aunty lived n - Mary CLUEIT nee FLETCHER...CE
I think it was from about 1957 (when my brother was born) until about 1961. Then we moved back to Longacres...JB
I'll find out when she lived there. Was definately sometime after you...CE
Ask her if the brick fireplace was still there - my dad built that when we moved in...JD
Thats where i was born in that flat. My claim to fame. My parents rented it for 15 shillings a week...ZC
Mum cant remember about the fire place...ZC
The PERKS family lived above Tilleys when I was at School- wonder what happend to Margaret?...SD
I remember a Margaret PERKS!...JE
I think she had older brother and sister...SD
Auntie Marge lived there, Kelly that was your nan, she had a flat with Reg. I dont know if John was born, so anyway dad proposed to mum in that flat, on one knee in front the gas fire, who said romance is dead!!! xx...LJ
I remember 'Aunty' Marge and 'Uncle' Reg - they lived next door to us...JD

1902 Jakeman and Carver's Directory and Gazatteer of Herefordshire
1914 - 1919 Ledbury Guardian Newspaper - Herefordshire History
1916 Tilley's Almanack
1958 Tilley's Almamack
1963 Tilley's Almanack
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