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Ledbury and District Air-Rifle League

Ledbury and District Air-Rifle League

1900 - A Retrospect
May 11 Ledbury Habitation, Primrose League, passed resolution in favour of formation of rifle clubs in the district.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 15 08 1914
Sir, With reference to the scheme outlined in your last issue in the letter of Mr. A. Roger ROWDEN, we would appeal to all members of the Ledbury and District Air Rifle League to place themselves in communication with the Range Superintendent at the Holly Bush, Eastnor and Ledbury ranges, and take part in the miniature rifle practice which commences to-day. We are aware that many of the members of the League have gone to serve their King and country, but there are many still remaining, and we trust that these members will lose no time in attending at one of the ranges indicated. Ledbury members should ? the range at Mr MARTIN'S lime quarry Stony Hill, where Mr J. HOLLINGS of the ? Inn, is in charge.
Yours truly, W.S. BOWES (chairman), A.T. JONES (Hon. secretary), Ledbury and District Air Rifle League

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 05 09 1914
The annual general meeting of the Ledbury and District Air-Rifle League was held at the New Inn Hotel, Ledbury on Friday night last, when Mr. W.S. HOWES presided, and also present were the following : Messers. A.T. JONES (hon. secretary), E.W. PALMER (hon. treasurer), W. PITT, E. GIBBONS, P. LEWIS (Colwall), G. BAYLIS, W. GURNEY, S.ALLEN, J.C. SMITH, W. HODGES, H. GRIFFITHS, J.JONES, W. MANSELL, F. REECE, T. DAVIS, W.F. WEST (secretary).
The balance sheet for the past year was submitted by Mr. JONES, and this showed a small balance in hand.
The question of continuing the league during the forthcoming season was discussed at some length, but it was felt that although a good number of the members had been called up in the Territorials or had enlisted, there were still enough members to keep several of the clubs going.
On the motion of Mr. WEST, seconded by Mr. ALLEN, it was unanimously decided that the league be continued.
The officers were re-elected, as follows: - Chairman, Mr. W.S. BOWES, hon. secretary, Mr. A.T. JONES, hon. treasurer, Mr. E.W. PALMER. Messers. W.S. BOWES, W.G. DAVIS, and A.T. JONES were re-elected the Executive Committee.
Old clubs signifying their intention of joining were - Fox, White Hart, Talbot Hotel, Prince of Wales, New Inn, Nondescripts, and Working Men''s Club, Ledbury; Yew Tree, Colwall; and Wellinton Heath.
It was decided that the Chairman and the Hon. Secretary should be empowered to accept applications up to Monday, September 14th, and that the first matches should be shot the week October 5 - 9. The old rules were again adopted and it was decided that medals be given to the champions and the runners-up. The first monthly meeting of the delegates will be held at the New Inn Hotel on Saturday, September 26th, at 7.30 p.m.
Mr. ALLEN proposed that in all matches shot under the auspices of the league, the members of each team should contribute 1d to be collected by the team captain, and handed over to the league secretary at each monthly meeting. The amount thus collected to be allocated to the local war relief fund. If as is expected, 12 teams join the league, it was explained that a sum of £8 would be collected by this means during the season.
Mr. GURNEY seconded, and this was agreed unanimously.
Votes of thanks to the Chairman and Hon. Secretary, and to Mr. E.W. PALMER for his service as hon. treasurer, and providing rooms for meetings, were cordially passed, and with these, the meeting closed.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 14 11 1914
C. MOSS 29, F. BRAKE 29, J. THOMAS 30, W. JONES 30, F. BOUGH 27, J HUNT 27, W. LANE 32, C. BICKERTON 21; total 225.

H. JONES 28, F. W. WEST 28, B. MORRIS 30, B. HARRIS 30, E. HAINES 26, F. WORELEY 27, J. SMITH 29, A. WOOD 31; total 229.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 21 11 1914
Shot on the former's range and won by the homesters by three points. Score:-

H. L. TAYLOR 31, C. E. BAKER 29, H. J. SMITH 29, J. W. TEAGUE 29, E. W. REED 29, J. SEAL 27, A. J. BOWON 29, W. S. BOWES 30 - total, 233.

New Inn
A. T. JONES 30, J. HODGES 27, J. PALMER 29, J.C. SMIITH 30, F. DRINKWATER 29, H. ROBERTS 28, E. W. PALMER 29, B. DALLEY 28 - total, 230.

Shot on the former's range and won by the homesters by 2 points, Score:-

J. HODGES 28, W. HUISH 32, G. H. LLOYD 28, J. HOLTHAM 31, G. CHADD 28, W. HODGES (b) 26, F. WALKER 27, H. GRIFFITHS 30 - total, 230.

J. THOMAS 28, F. J. BRAKE 28, C. MOSS 28, W. JONES 26, F. JONES 31, M. THOMAS 30, J. HUNT 28, C. THOMAS 20 - total, 228

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 28 11 1914
Shot on the former's range and won by the homesters 6 points. Scores:-

F. REECE 28, J. SMITH 29, G. WALTERS 29, J. HUISH 28, C. CURNOCK 28, G. HULLS 31, H. JONES 29, J. HOLLINGS 31 - total 233.

H. L. TAYLOR 27, C. E. BAKER 25, H. J. SMITH 31, J. W. TEAGUE 25, E. W. REED 30, G. F. PALMER 29, A. J. BOWEN 30, W. S. BOWES 30 - total. 227.

1920s Drill Hall, New Street
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[Air Rifle League]
Back Row - ... SHAKESHEFF, Ted HOLLINS ( Landlord of the Fox ), Jack VICARAGE, ...MORGAN, Thomas DAVIS, HOLTHAM or FARLEY?
Front Row - Denzil DAVIS, Bill WEST, William PITT, Arthur POWELL
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