Old Ledbury - In the 20th Century

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( 2021 April - The Website is undergoing a major upgrade ).

Welcome to the Old Ledbury website, created to enable you to share your memories and photographs of Ledbury up until 1980. ( Over 5000 photographs yet to be added ).

To help guide you, we have compiled a Directory of the Streets using Tilley's Almanacks' between 1958 and 1977, a Commercial Directory and other links grouped into themes.

There is a fascinating story of the TILLEY family and an Ephemera section which lists Ledbury related books, magazines, documents, invoices, vellum indentures, maps and media.

Finally, there is a Newspaper section, which includes details of the newspaper microfilms together with extracts from the Ledbury Free Press, Ledbury Guardian and Ledbury Reporter.

If you wish to share any memories, photographs or other ephemera then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why not come and join us on the Old Ledbury Facebook Group ( 4375+ members currently ) and share your memories of Old Ledbury in the 20th Century.