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The Camp

The Camp

Mabel's Furlong - The Southend
The Camp, was built in fields that used to be known as Mabley Furlonge. A Prisoner of War camp, No 27 was erected during World War Two. The prisoners at the camp used one of the Nissen huts as a theatre. After the war the Nissen huts were used as emergency housing and the theatre was used by the LADS. In March 1957 tender for 12 houses and 8 flats to be built at the Mabel's Furlong site was accepted, and in October a tender was accepted by Herefordshire Education Committee for the erection of the County Secondary school. The theatre moved to the old Church Room in the Cattle Market.

POW Camp Emergency Housing
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Theatre - LADS Secondary School
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Ledbury Reporter

[Ledbury Reporter] The Reporter now has Archive photographs for the years 2005 - 2009 which you can view and order. Select a year then make sure Ledbury is the keyword entered before pressing GO. I have spent many an hour in the Ledbury Library looking through the old Reporters which are on microfiche. Support this great local paper.