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Church Street / Bye Street

Date Unknown - Church Street Outside the White Hart
[White Hart]
( Roger BAKER Collection )
A Retrospect


February 10 The Royal Hall, Ledbury, was opened the occasion being the Fire Brigade annual supper, Major PALAIRET presiding. All the speeches were in commendatory terms of Mr. E. H. HOPKINS for his public-spiritedness in supplying a long felt want in the town.


February 11 the Ledbury Fire Brigade held their annual dinner in the Royal Hall.

July 19 in the afternoon a fire broke out at Canon Frome Court, causing £300 damage.


January 27 The Ledbury Fire Brigade had their Annual Dinner at the Royal Hall.

June 11 The Ledbury Fire Brigade, with their steamer, took part in the Lifeboat Demonstration at Worcester, and during their absence a fire broke out at Mr. T. W. BAKER’s jeweller’s shop in Church Street, and damage done to the extent of £200, which was covered by insurance.

December 14 The Ledbury Fire Brigade were employed 37 hours at a fire at the Moorend Farm, Ashperton, in the occupation of Mrs. PUDGE. The damage to the out-buildings, hay and corn ricks, and the contents of the large barn were estimated at £1000, but the loss was well nigh covered by insurance.


February 8 Ledbury Fire Brigade Annual Dinner at Royal Hall.


February 28 Fire Brigade Annual Dinner at the Royal Hall.

March 18 Disastrous fire at Court-y-park farm; a child burnt to death.

June 7 Farm fire at Callow Hills, Ledbury.


February 6 Ledbury Fire Brigade Annual Supper at the Royal Hall.

December 1 Outbreak of Fire at Ledbury Mineral Water Works: damage slight.
1902 - Volunteer Fire Brigade
Under the superintendence of the Ledbury Urban District Council, Engine House Church Street - Ernest Hambler HOPKINS ( Captain ), Firebell situate at St Katherines, Three engines ( one steam and two manual ) and a fire escape.
1914 October 12 - FIRE AT BIRTSMORTON
On Tuesday a fire broke out at Rye Street Farm, Birtsmorton, in the occupation of Mr. Henry BREWER, and the Ledbury Fire Brigade were summoned. Ready assistance was given by farm hands and villagers, but great difficulty was experienced in getting into the burning room and dung hooks were requisitioned to get the bed and clothing out. There was a good supply of water available and when the brigade arrived the flames had been subdued. It is thought that the cause of the fire was a child playing with matches, which set fire to the bedding. About twenty pounds worth of damage was done to the furniture, etc., and about £10 to the room. It is stated that the loss is covered by insurance. Mr. C. A. COPE, The Green, Cannock, Staffs, is the owner of the property.
1916 - Church Street
Under the supervision of the Ledbury Urban District Council, Mr E H HOPKINS, Engineer, Mr W LEWIS, Sub Engineers, Messrs T CHADD and W PITT, Firemen - Messrs J CHADD, E DAVIS, E GURNEY, J JESSETT and T DAVIS, For day service notice to be given to the Chief officer at the Royal Oak Hotel, Fire Alarm pillars are situated in High Street, The Knapp, Homend Street, and Albert Road, Newtown connecting the members of the Brigade with electric bells,There is a Steamer, also two manuals, and Hose Cart.
Date Unknown - Rear of the Almshouses
[Ledbury Fire Brigade]
( Chris PONTER Collection CP100 )
1932 - Outside The Market House
All volunteers in those days helped by the employers
[Ledbury Fire Brigade]
( Mike PAUL Collection MP43 )
Bedford VJ 5817 - Curley FOOTMAN ( Ledbury Farmers ), George PARMEE ( Hopkins ), Bill HALE ( Hopkins ), Harry GROVES ( Ledbury Town Council Water Co. ), Ginger MILLS ( Ledbury Town Council Rate Collector ) Frank SYMONDS ( Hopkins ) Joe MITCHELL ( Ledbury Farmers ) Tom WILLIAMS ( Captain )
1940's - Ledbury Auxiliary Fire service
[Ledbury Fire Brigade]
( Mike PAUL Collection MP42 )
Bedford WHG ACJ144 - Bert WORRELL
Date Unknown - Church Street During The War
[Ledbury Fire Brigade]
( Fiona PENWARNE Collection FP3 )
Unknown, Bill DAVIES, Mary PENWARNE, Unknown
1958 - Bye Street
Maintained by Herefordshire County Council, Fire Party at upper Colwall, Appliances - One Commer Water tender, one Austin Self-Propelled Pump, one Dennis Trailer Pump, Officer In Charge Sub-officer R E JONES, with two leading firemen and 15 fireman, Siren operated by remote control -Telephone number Ledbury 96, officer in charge private line 259
Late 50's early 60's - Rememberance Parade
[Ledbury Fire Brigade]
( Karen HART Collection )
1978 - Medal Presentation to Sub Officer A C ( Chick ) BALDWIN
[Ledbury Fire Brigade]
( Cutting Brian JONES Collection Album 4 BJ132 )

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