Freehold Building Society
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Freehold Building Society

A Retrospect


July 7 " Bank House," the residence of the late Mr. E. J. WEBB, was sold by auction by Mr. MANTON, The lot was bought by Mr. James BANNER for the Ledbury Building Society at the sum of £1,400, and also the adjoining orchard, &c., for £420. The Directors of the Building Society propose to make a new street from Homend street, leading to Dog Hill. For building sites the estate is a most valuable one, and the speculation will, no doubt, prove successful.

July 20 Annual meeting of the Ledbury Freehold Building Society was held, when a motion that 4 per cent. bonus be accepted was carried, and the directors were thanked for their judgment in purchasing the " Bank House " Estate.

November 30 The Bank House Estate was distributed by ballot to 26 allottees; the tender for constructing the new roads, sewers, &c., was secured by Mr. H. DAVIS, Hereford, for the sum of £853 9s. 3d.


July 19 in the evening the Shareholders of the Ledbury Freehold Building Society held their annual general meeting, when a bonus of 5 per cent. was decided upon


July 18 The Annual Meeting of the Ledbury Building Society was held.


July 16 Annual Meeting Ledbury Building Society, bonus of 5 per cent. declared.


July 15 Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of Ledbury Freehold Building Society; five per cent bonus allowed.


July 21 Annual Meeting of the Ledbury Freehold Building Society: 5 per cent. bonus declared.

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