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1976 Councillor Albert Lewis DRENNEN.
[Councillor DRENNAN]
February Issue of Herefordshire Life Magazine
( 2016 November )
Barbara Ainge - Nice pic of your dad Pam

Pam Wildig - Aaah my Daddy - ALBERT LEWIS DRENNEN - he was always horrified when people spelt his name wrong!

Brian Haines - Served Ledbury very well.

Pam Wildig - And I don't believe politics came into the Town Council in those days - he just wanted to do the best for the town.

Jean Wood - Can't remember that photo of Dad, but it was a long time ago! Lovely to see it.

Philip Holland - Do you remember the time a group of 6th formers 'stole' a sign from the school drive? I remember the warning from Insp Dre, so it was replaced but inverted 'cos we were shocked.

Sally Farr - Lovely photo nice man

Margaret Morris - a very nice man

Robert Barnes - Wife remembers Mr Drennen. She worked with is wife at Walters in the shoe shop. They came to our wedding.

Jane Spink- Such a lovely man, good friend to mum and dad xx

Pam Wildig - During his time as a Police Sargeant, he had to solve all the crimes in the area - chickens being stolen, bikes being stolen, and people being killed. I remember him once telling us that he had to haul in a body out of a river and the person's head fell off. He had to enter the reason for death! Several choices methinks!

Elizabeth Carrington-stait - Lovely photo he did alot for Ledbury great to see !

Pam Wildig - As did your Dad. They were very special gentlemen!

Elizabeth Carrington-stait - Thank you pam 😊

Jenny Park - Great memories of working with Bert. - very dry sense of humour!

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