Old Ledbury - Prisoner Of War Camp

Prisoner Of War Camp

Prisoner Of War Camp - No 27

These are the first photos that we have seen of the Camp we hope to have further information soon.


[POW Camp]
My father middle row 5th from left Emilio PONTI. Mario RUFFINI 2nd front and Michele INNOTTO back - Roy PONTI
My grandfather is the second left in the second row. Enzo SANTI, he comes from Castefranco Emilia, Modena, Italy - Stefania MANNI

And by the look of the Chef they didnt mind a bit of Fagash in the cooking lol...RP

Spotted your dad straight away Roy. Great photo...BH

I remember showing this photo to Pam WEBBER wot was and she said oh look theres my Dad which was Michele INNOTTO but most people knew him as George and my ol boy and him stayed friends all their lives, and so Pam also got a copy of this one from me...RP

Is Angelo BLOISE in any of these Roy? I really can`t tell x...JB

Super pics btw!! nice bit of history!...JB

Jo, show your Dad and im sure he,ll pick him out if he,s on any.I know he was there with my Dad as a prisoner and thanks to them were here...RP

Yes I will and yes we are so lucky! x...JB

Great pictures, Roy...BM

[POW Camp]
Italian pow football team and I can remember John LEDBURY telling me they were a good side, must of been right cause John knew his football.

Not only new his football he could play a bit but for his joint problems he could have been a good pro footballer...TR

[POW Camp]

[POW Camp]

[POW Camp]

[POW Camp]

[POW Camp]
Looked very well kept my Dad always said,when he wasnt courting our Mum lol.

[POW Camp]
My mate Nobby would have soon flogged them cabbages.

I remember the huts it was great when it rained. Lived in two before moving to Mable's furlong. X...JW

Phil Manns and me Jane lol! It was very noisy when it rained ! Very similar to if you are in a caravan!...(sylv)

[Emilio PONTI]
The gardener, the Italian doctor the cobbler.

Date Unknown

[POW Camp]
My grandfather Enzo SANTI is the second from the left , in the first row standing - Stefania MANNI
Who are they and where are the other prisoners in this photo?


[POW Camp]

I remember seeing a magician at a show there when I was small. I seem to remember him swallowing a load of razor blades and torch bulbs, then he pulled them all out of his mouth joined in a string and all the bulbs lit up...PH

I have vague memories of a magic show down there,when I was a kid...RB

I'm sure I went to dancing displays which Grace Dovey put on in that theatre...MH

Yes Mo I was in some of Grace Dovey's dancing displays...JJ

[Emilio PONTI]

[Emilio PONTI]

[Emilio PONTI]

[Emilio PONTI]



6th December To Italy
[Prisoner of War Post]
Army Form No W3493, Cieno VINCENZA, Number 16720 SOL ARM. ILB, Ledbury, No 27 P. O. W. Camp


10th January To Germany
[Prisoner of War Post]
Army Form No W3494, Friedrich KEIL, Number B175448, Ledbury, No 27 P. O. W. Camp

[Prisoner of War Post]
Reverse of card

[Prisoner of War Post]
Army Form No W3494, Feldw Weinert KURT, Number B226362-M, Ledbury, No 27 P. O. W. Camp

Nice to see some recollection of The Prisoner of War camp. Part of Ledbury History. Although not much is said or stated about it even at the School that is there now. We lived in Mabels Furlong 1942/43 used to watch the Prisoners through the fence. Trying to Climb what was called the Grease Pole...LM


15th June To Germany
[Prisoner of War Post]
Army Form No W3493, Georg KNEIP, Number A8951168, Ledbury, No 27 P. O. W. Camp

[Prisoner of War Post]
Reverse of card

Dear friend Paul,
Thank you for your lovely letter from ?
Unfortunately the date isn't clear. George wishes you a Happy Birthday on 29th June. So you have (broken up?) with your girl, why though, I don't understand. I haven't had any more post from B???... since March. I'll remember that. I don't need to be chasing up friends. If someone doesn't want to write, they don't have to. Makes no difference to me. I'm very disappointed with my friends from (????). You can tell that you lot have not been locked up. You lot have no feeling for people that were away from home. So you can choose: either you write to me or you don't. I hope you have to go through this as well. He who laughs last, laughs longest. All the best, your friend Georg.


[POW Funeral]
Funeral / burial of a prisoner of war (POW) from the pow camp in Mabels Furlong. Photo probably taken from on the wall between the cemetery and the football ground.


[Enzo SANTI] [Enzo SANTI]

[Enzo SANTI] [Enzo SANTI]

Army Form W.3485. Identity Card, Serial No. Z078785, Prisoner of War number 235384. Pte Enzo SANTI



BLOISE Angelo (Bill)
INNOTTO Michele (George)
PONTI Emilio
VINCENZA Cieno, Number 16720


KEIL Friedrich, Number B175448
KNEIP Georg, Number A8951168
KURT Feldw Weinert, Number B226362-M


[Emilio PONTI]
Some of the Officers at Ledbury, Major GILLINGHAM had a young son at war and my father said he looked after him and was a gentleman.

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