Old Ledbury - Police



Police / Police Station - Church Lane / Worcester Road
Herefordshire County Constabulary
Superintendent for Ledbury Division - John PHILLIPS with one sergeant and six men

1914 - 1918 World War One read the reports from the local newspapers.

Police Station in Church street
Superintendent for Ledbury Division - John Herbert WILLIAMS with one sergeant and five men
Sergeant G T BRIERLEY lived in the Sgts house in Church Street

Date Unknown
[Ledbury Police Specials]
Police Specials

Date Unknown
[Herefordshire Police Specials]
Herefordshire Police Specials

[Ledbury Police Station]
Alison ROSE nee JACKSON sat on the step of the Sgts house.
[Ledbury Police Station]
Alison ROSE nee JACKSON .........

[Ledbury Police Station]
Police Ball - Inspector WILLIS, John and Joy MALLEN, Fred JACKSON, Doris SLATER, Hilary MADDERS

Police Station in Worcester Road
Inspector, Sergeant, ten constables and one police woman
Inspector E C WILLS, Sergeant F A JACKSON, Constable H J JAMES and Constable C JOYCE lived in the four police houses

Inspector, Two Sergeants, nine constables and one police woman

[Gwen DAVIES Police Station]
Gwen DAVIES sat at the telephone desk, telex room to the right, window overlooking the Church
[Ledbury Police Station]
Ben HODGES at the front of the Police Station
Young offender?...RM...
Such a cute little villain x...DE
My lovely little boy! always wanting to go up the woods or down the cattle market !!...ECS
Don't you just love those mini travelers though, I had one of those with real plastic wood trim..JL

1902 Jakeman and Carver's Directory and Gazatteer of Herefordshire
1916 Tilley's Almanack
1958 Tilley's Almanack
1963 Tilley's Almanack

Ledbury Reporter

[Ledbury Reporter] The Reporter now has Archive photographs for the years 2005 - 2009 which you can view and order. Select a year then make sure Ledbury is the keyword entered before pressing GO. I have spent many an hour in the Ledbury Library looking through the old Reporters which are on microfiche. Support this great local paper.