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A Retrospect


June 30 Mr. William S. BLUNSDON, who was for 12 years Superintendent of Police at Ledbury, died at the age of 75 years.

September 7 The Annual Licensing Session was held, when Superintendent PHILLIPS’ report was favourable.
1902 - Herefordshire County Constabulary, Superintendent for Ledbury Division, John PHILLIPS with one sergeant and six men.
Church Street Station
1916 - Superintendent for Ledbury Division, John Herbert WILLIAMS with one sergeant and five men. Sergeant G T BRIERLEY lived in the Sgts house in Church Street.
Date Unknown - Specials
[Ledbury Police Specials]
( Mike PAUL Collection )
Date Unknown - Herefordshire Specials
[Herefordshire Police Specials]
( Mike PAUL Collection )
Worcester Road Station
1950s - Alison ROSE ( Jackson ) sat on the step of the Sgts house.
[Ledbury Police Station]
( Judy BAKER ( Rose ) Collection )
1950s - Alison ROSE ( Jackson ) in the Station yard.
[Ledbury Police Station]
( Judy BAKER ( Rose ) Collection )
1955 - Police Ball - Inspector WILLIS, John and Joy MALLEN, Fred JACKSON, Doris SLATER, Hilary MADDERS
[Ledbury Police Station]
( Judy BAKER ( Rose ) Collection )
1958 - Inspector, Sergeant, ten constables and one police woman
Inspector E C WILLS, Sergeant F A JACKSON, Constable H J JAMES and Constable C JOYCE lived in the four police houses
1963 - Inspector, Two Sergeants, nine constables and one police woman.
1970s - Gwen DAVIES sat at the telephone desk, telex room to the right, window overlooking the Church
[Gwen DAVIES Police Station]
( Julian DAVIES Collection )
Date Unknowm - Ben HODGES at the front of the Station Sgts office.
[Ledbury Police Station]
( Dee EHRLICH ( Pitt ) Collection )
Young offender?

Dee Ehrlich - Such a cute little villain x

Elizabeth Carrington-stait - My lovely little boy! always wanting to go up the woods or down the cattle market !!

Jenny Lawrence - Don't you just love those mini travelers though, I had one of those with real plastic wood trim
1976 - Sgt BARKER front office.
[Ledbury Police Station]
( Jo EDGE Collection )
( 2014 )
Jo Edge - Julian Davies Same office as the photograph you posted. Telex room behind that door.

Deb Harford - Did he have a son called neil

Jo Edge - Janet Meredith remember these good old days!!!!! Dolly cooking the Full English Breakfasts!!!

Deb Harford - His son was in my class at school

David Morris - He also used to have a daughter called Karen.

Pam Wildig - When we lived at the police station my mum had to cook for the prisoners in the cells. They had better meals than us!!

Roger Baker - Back in the mid seventies, I had to call into the front office and tell them I was looking for Father Christmas!!!

Claire Ellis - Did you find him ?

Roger Baker - Yes he was up the Y Pass alley!

Janet Jones - Jo I can't see you, He also had a son called Robert.xx

Claire Ellis - Ha ha!! Roger wrote Y Pass and Janet Jones popped up with a comment!

Janet Jones -I was writing it Clare when Roger just got in front of me.

Corinne Corinthian Conway - Where's my gloves lol xx

Steve Ellis - I can remember bumping into him, or was it him bumping into me outside the community Centre after a dance one weekend ! Nice bloke Sergeant Barker. 😉

Jo Edge - I think Dolly took this photo Mary Philpotts

Jo Edge - Janet Jones A long time ago in 1976, Corinne let me have a go on her motorcycle in the Railway Station Yard, as a thank you I promised her a pair of Police issue leather gloves. Im afraid she has waited a long time. When ever I see Corinne her first words to me are ' Wheres my gloves ' . I really must get her a pair!!!!!!!!

Lesley Edwards - Janet, did the Barkers live opposite us?

Mary Philpotts - Ahhh David drove me to my Wedding great friend of ours ,lovely picture of him and Jo 's arm lol xxx

Janet Jones - Yes they did Lesley, I expect you remember Robert.

Mary Philpotts - Yes she did Jo but she would never cut your Head off !!!!!!! Mary Philpotts - Robert was a babe in arms at our Wedding he was born a couple of months before Janet I bet you remember how hot it was that day ? XXXX Janet Jones - I certainly do Mary, will never forget that heat. xxx

Mary Philpotts - No it was awful wasn't it haha xxx

Julian Davies - Yes Jo, I remember Sgt Barker very well.

Angie Gregory - Oh i knew him i was very good friends with his daughter karen at school. Lost touch with her when they left tho x

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