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Kington Reporter Newspaper 15 08 1914
The monthly meeting of the Ledbury school managers was held at the Barrett-Browning Institute on Wednesday afternoon, when there were present Mr SPENCER, Mr. BICKHAM (in the chair), the Rector (the Rev. F W CARNEGY), the Rev Father LYNCH and Mr E H HOPKINS, together with the Correspondent (Mr H Vernon SMITH), and the School Attendance Officer (Mr S W MILLS.) The Rev Father LYNCH presented the returns of school attendance for the past month, as follows : - Boys' school, average percentage, 89 per cent., girls' school 76, infants, whole school 69, over five years of age 75. - A letter was read from Mr A H BURSTON, uncertificated assistant at the 'boys' school, stating that he would be unable to fulfil his duties as he had been called up to serve with the Royal Field Artillery. It was agreed that if the Managers had the power Mr BURSTON's position will be open to him on his return.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 12 09 1914
The monthly meeting of the Ledbury School Managers was held at the Barrett-Browning Institute on Wednesday evening. Mr. S. H. BICKHAM presided, and there were also present, the Rev. F. W. CARNEGY, Rev. F. C. LYNCH, Mr. E. H. HOPKINS, Mr. R. LAWRENCE, together with the correspondent (Mr. H. V. SMITH).
The Chairman announced the resignation of Mr. James LAMPITT uncertificated assistant teacher at the Boys' School, who had enlisted in the army in response to the call of his country.
It was decided to fill the posts now vacant at the Boys' School temporarily. The Managers were generally of the opinion that the places of those teachers who had gone to the war should be open to them on their return.
The Chairman said it behoved them to do their best for the teachers who had gone away.
It was reported by the Correspondent that Edna GURNEY, a scholar at the Girls' School was entitled to a Sir James RANKIN attendance medal, and that application be made for it.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 17 10 1914
The monthly meeting of the Ledbury School Managers was held on Wednesday evening. Present - Mr. S. H. BICKHAM (chairman), Rev. F.W. CARNEGY, Rev. F. C. LYNCH, and Mr. R. LAWRENCE, and the Correspondent (Mr. H. V. SMITH).
The schools having only re-opened this week, after five weeks' holidays, there were no reports of the attendance returns for the month, but it was stated that on Monday when the schools were re-opened the attendances at all the schools was deplorable, 90 being absent in the Boys ' School.
The Rev. F.W. CARNEGY reported upon various requisites for the schools which were ordered to be obtained.

The tender of Mr. W. H. ALLEYNE, Ledbury, for the supply of bundles of wood to the schools at 3s 6d per 100 bundles, the same price as heretofore, was accepted.

A letter was read from Mr. David DAVIES, accepting the appointment of an uncertificated teacher in the Boys ' School, and a letter from the County Education Committee thereon, which stated that the Managers could appoint Mr. DAVIES at a commencing salary of £ 62 10s. Mr. DAVIES has commenced his new duties.

A letter was received from Mr. Joseph A. PEASE, re education and the war and it was resolved that it should be handed over to the head teachers respectively for their perusal.

The signature of the Chairman was attached to the agreement with Miss PAGE, teacher in the Infants ' School.

Miss E. N. SPENCER wrote sending in her resignation as assistant mistress in the Girls ' School to take effect in a month ' s time. She stated that she was leaving the teaching profession.
In connection with this Mr. WILTSHIRE wrote stating that the Mangers could proceed to fill the vacancy at a commencing salary of £ 50, rising to £ 60.

A letter was received from Miss E. M. AMOS, Basingstoke, stating that she would commence her duties in the Infants ' School on November 2nd.
Mr. H. E. JONES of Llanwrst, was appointed temporary assistant in Boys ' School to fill the vacancy caused by a teacher having gone to the war.
Miss Veronica GREGORY, Tewkesbury, was appointed uncertificated teacher in the Girls ' School.

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