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26 High Street, Ledbury was the premises of a fishmonger, fruiterer and game dealer from at least 1902 until 1964 - H S McDonald and then later L W Crossley. It then became a tobacconist and confectioner, A & W Turner, until 1979 when it morphed into a Building Society until 2000. In 2002 it is listed in Tilley's Almanack as a 'gift shop' and currently, in 2021, it's "Wyebridge 2 (Wyebridge Interiors)", a shop for gifts and interior furnishing accessories.

McDonald & Co Fishmonger

Mr Lawrence CROSSLEY - ( Proprietor )

[26 High Street]

(2012 November )
Chris Ponter - McDonalds & Co fishmongers. High Street. Mr Lawrence Crossley ran the shop and it became LW Crossleys around the first world war

Terry Wilkins - A proper butchers,,, great photo

( 2019 March )
Frank Kenward - Next-door to the Feathers, McDonald & Co, fishmongers, selling fish, poultry, fruit and ice and holding a licence to deal in game. Every Tuesday to Saturday the shop’s fishcart left town to serve the outlying villages. The county and country went mad for fish when it could be brought in fresh on the railways and soon our favourite takeaway moved out of the big cities and into the small towns and villages. I wonder when the first chippy opened in Ledbury? By WW1 Mr McDonald had gone and was replaced by Mr Lawrence Crossley who carried on the business under his name.

Roger Baker - My GG Grandfather Thomas Gurney had a Tailors shop next door to the right. He died in 1881 aged 44, his wife lived on until 1935.

Gary Collis - However did they keep them fresh hung out like this. Horse manure everywhere which means flies!!

Frank Kenward - Off the top of me head 🙂 Dewhurst's were the first to sell meat behind glass, 1920s, before that it was hung in the wind and rain, sunshine, splashed with excrement from the roads, unrefrigerated, and I wonder why people suddenly dropped dead?

Gary Collis - Frank Kenward exactly. Guess people were exposed to far more than food poisoning

Frank Kenward - Gary Collis We may get cancers from vehicle fumes today but our great grandparents caught TB, Polio, parasites and a whole bundle of other pleasurable diseases and conditions from animal excrement.

John Gurney - Rog , I remember my father talking about her . So, good question w.r.t. fish ‘n chip shops Frank.. Harold Gorin dealt in wet fish and also had a chip shop in New Street,, wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of the first .

M.C. Luther - Elf’n’safety would love that now with all the traffic pollution

Marshall Cale - My sister Joyce managed this fishmongers shop in the 60s. I'll show her the pic.

( 2021 April )
Mary Beth Fastiszewski - You wouldn't see turkey's hanging up outside a shop front these days

Terry Wilkins - Became a Wet Fish shop the same as Barnards opposite the Nat West bank in the Homend.

Colourised photo of McDONALDS & Co Fish, Game, Poultry, Salmon and Fruit dealer established 1882. Mr Lawrence CROSSLEY ran the establishment and it became L.W. CROSSLEY during the Great War.

[26 High Street]
Laura CARTER Collection

( 2018 February )
Gina Williams - Do you think they strung all those birds up every day? Is it geese?

Paul Carter - I’m sure they are geese

Keith Hoskins - They are not geese, the legs are to long and the feet are not webbed, I would say they are cockrels

Paul Carter - Seems like a lot of cockerels

Mary Jensen - Might have been especially for Christmas?

Jane Belcher - Wouldn’t be allowed today....health and safety 🤣

Ismet Mustafic - Thank goodness for that!😁

Neville Watkins - Not sure I've seen this one before. Isn't it spectacular?

Paul Carter - Freshly colourised by my daughter

Neville Watkins - Nice work.

Joan Gould - I think there are a few different variety’s of birds there.

Roger Baker - Certainly pheasants and looks like a rook too?

1946 - 1963

Fish, Game, Poultry, Salmon and Fruit dealer - G H PARMEE ( Proprietor )

[26 High Street]
Tilleys Almanack

( 2012 October )
Veronica Baker - telegrams no one ever wanted to get one of them years ago.

[Feathers and 26 High Street]

[Feathers and 26 High Street]
Ebay Collection
1965 - 1977
Turner Confectioners & Tobacconists

Midshires Building Society
[26 High Street]
Jo EDGE Collection

( 2014 October )
Jo Edge - Look at the parking all the way to the top cross !

Ian Tomsk Tomkins - If that blue car is a VW golf then it's 1974 onwards.

Chris Ponter - Cant remember "Ray Rutter carpets" must have been visiting!! Right to left Austin van then a VW Golf then two minis a Capri then a Sabb 94 or 95 Then two Triumph Heralds A landrover and a Wolseley Six coming down the town

Julia Coole Peckham - Not sure when Midshires Building Society ( which later became Birmingham Midshires then Halifax) first opened - I worked there in 80's till it closed in 2000 but interesting that the van outside has Wolverhampton number on it. The Head Office of Midshires was in Wolverhampton - it always amazed us that for any work, however small, that needed doing there they would send workmen or tradesmen all the way from Wolverhampton to complete it.

Denise Smart - My Dad had a white mini clubman 🙂

Suzanne Soo Phillips - wasn't the Birmingham Midshires also at one time the Heart of England Building Society when it was up where Juice is now? I remember Doreen Feakes, Deborah Betambeau and Sally Sturge working there when I had an account to save for my wedding. My husband worked as a shopfitter and as you say if your firm had a contract with a company they would be sent to work from one end of the country to the other 😛

Julia Coole Peckham - No ' Heart of England ' was the other side of Lloyds Bank - Roger Johnson was their manager ( yes Doreen and Debbie worked there as well ) they were our friendly rivals !

Julia Coole Peckham - Just done a bit of research we think the Midshires first opened in 1978 and the carpet on opening was a special one -.Brown with the orange Midshires motive on it. So the Carpet Van outside from Wolverhampton would make even more sense - possibly they were just fitting it prior to opening .

Suzanne Soo Phillips - ahhhh yes now you say I do remember there being the TWO building societies. I think around that time you could still get traffic travelling both ways down the New Street too, my kids don't belive that!

Andrew Turner - It's late 1970s, my sister was living in the flat over Grandad's shop for at least part of '76. I'm not sure when the shop was sold, I think it was sold to the Feathers manager who sold it to the Building Society. I went to college in '77 and I'm pretty sure the shop had been sold by then.

Andrew Turner - Terry Fleetwood Renault 16 was a cracking car, my dad had one for a shortwhile. I'm pretty sure the blue car in front of the red Commer is a VW, the rear wheel well/wing was flat on the Renault and would hide the upper part of the tyre, not boring and rounded like everything else. 🙂

Julia Coole Peckham - Feathers staff lived in the flat above the Midshires - there was a yard at the back with door onto it and also a staircase just inside up to flat . The Feathers had a door onto the yard from their kitchen and that was the way they reached the flat. It was some years before it was discovered that there was only one electric meter at the foot of the stairs and we had been footing the bill for the whole building ! Took some sorting out I seem to remember ! Oops!

Elizabeth Brace - Thats my late husband stood by our Mini Traveller, bet he was fed up waiting for me to pay the mortgage in Building Society. I used to chat to the staff in there!

Clare Turner - The ford Capri belonged to my partner Roger. One of only 500 in that colour.

Shirley Dalley - Love this pic!

Julia Coole Peckham - Yes I believe Roger and Sue still live in Daventry.

Julia Coole Peckham - Yes it was The Birmingham Midshires Building Society I worked there from 1984 - 2000 . We were taken over by the Halifax BS in 1998 they kept us open for two years ( as was part of the take over deal I believe) then started closing down branches in 2000. I loved working there got to know so many people often they would just call in for a chat ! The good old days !

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