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147 The Homend

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A Retrospect


February 20 The sacred cantata, “The Prince of Peace,” was rendered by the choir and friends of the Wesleyan Chapel.

April 3 (Good Friday) the Wesleyans held their annual circuit gathering, and in the evening the sacred Oratorio, “Christ and His Soldiers,” was rendered in aid of the circuit funds.

July 31 Rev. E. POTTS succeeded Rev. J. H. JONES at the Weslyan Church.


Wesleyan Chapel, Rev Edmund POTTS, W SHAKESHAFT ( Attendant )

April 16 (Good Friday) the Wesleyans held their annual circuit gathering.

November 18 Lady Henry SOMERSET opened a Sale of Work in the Mission Hall, in aid of the Wesleyan Circuit Funds.


April 8 The Wesleyans held their Annual Circuit gathering.

July 14 The Wesleyan Sunday School treat was given at Dunbridge, near Ledbury.

October 2 The Wesleyan Thanksgiving Services were held.


September 30 Harvest Festival at the Wesleyan Chapel.


October 3 Presentation of Plate and Illuminated Address to Mr. and Mrs. Hubert BRAY, on their recent marriage, by the Wesleyan Circuit.


March 28 (Good Friday) Annual Circuit Gathering at the Wesleyan Chapel.

September 11 Recognition Service of the newly-appointed Wesleyan Minister, the Rev. T. BERRY.
1914 - 1918 World War One Ledbury Guardian Newspaper Articles
1916 - Rev Paul ELLIS, W SHAKESHAFT. ( Attendant )
1941 - Methodist church, Rev John Walton ACRES.
1950 - Rev T MARTIN.
1958 - Rev W E THOMAS.
Wedding Guests - Noreen CLUEIT and Brian WILLIAMS
[Methodist Church]
Zena CLUEIT Collection
1965 - Rev Eric M WALKER.
1968 - Rev A H HOWELL.
1968 June 23rd Christening - Mary and Malcolm CLUEIT with Zena
[Methodist Church]
Zena CLUEIT Collection
Mary and Malcolm CLUEIT with Zena, Godparents Eileen FLETCHER, Brian WILLIAMS, Joan PLEDELEITH
[Methodist Church]
Zena CLUEIT Collection
1977 - Rev Ivor k SPERRING.
Inters club
[Inters Club Badge]
Badge From Jenny LAWRENCE Collection

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