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Old Ledbury

8 High Street
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8 High Street

1958 - H W WILDMAN - Ironmonger
1960s - Mr WILDMAN on his 1924 BSA Motorcycle Combination CJ8033 along the Homend
( E Bay )
( 2016 )

Martin Haron - Aren't those the railings to the baptist church ? That would make it the Homend

Pat Hickey - Mr Wildsmith?

Rosemarie Smith - Definitely the Homend

Ian Tomsk Tomkins - Outside 122 the homend I think.

Fiona Penwarne - Just up from the Baptist Church by the looks of it

David Roberts - I think it's Mr Wildsmith, but he had a Brough Superior in the 1960s

David Roberts - Wildman, not Wildsmith! The combination used to be parked outside his shop in the High Street in the the 60s

Huw Jenkins - I think it's Mr Wildman delivering stove oil

Pat Hickey - That's the name. He had the combination certainly up to the late '60s.

Rob Jones - Mr Wildman of hardware shop of the same name? Maybe

Huw Jenkins - Yes. His shop was in the High Street and there was a huge kettle hanging outside at the 1 st floor level.

Pat Hickey - the Sunbeam S8 I bought from Roger Smith used to be kept in the same lock-up garage as Mr Wildman's combination, round the back of Tilley's if I remember correctly.

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