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Capitol and Counties Bank
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24 High Street

A Retrospect


November 2 In the evening, at a meeting of the Urban Council, Mr. Edward MADDISON, of the National Provincial Bank, was appointed treasurer of the Urban Council, in the place of Mr. A. BROWN, of the Capital and Counties Bank who had left Ledbury.

November 4 At the monthly meeting of the School Board, Mr. BUTLER (who succeeded Mr. A. BROWN at the Capital and Counties Bank) was appointed treasurer to the Board.


June 21 the Queen's Diamond Jubilee was celebrated with much rejoicing in Ledbury. The Volunteers fired a fue de joie on Dog Hill, at 8 am; at 11 there was a procession of all the public bodies in the town, accompanied by all the school children, being headed by the Worcester Excelsior Band. At the Market Place the National Anthem was sung, and the children sang "God bless the Prince of Wales" After cheers had been given for the Queen the procession wended its way to the Pound Meadow where a long programme of athletic Sports was carried out. At one o’clock there was a dinner of hot roast beef, vegetables and plum puddings for old folks over 60, in the Mission Hall, and all the children sat down to tea in the afternoon around tables erected in High street. In the evening there was a monster bonfire on Bradlow Knoll. All the streets were gaily decorated, and prizes were given for the best three, viz.: The Capital and Counties, 30/-; D & M. BADCOCK, 20/-: Messrs. MAYO & Co., 10/-.


November 21 Mr. J. R. BUTLER, Manager of the Capital and Counties Bank, Ledbury, found shot dead in the lavatory. At the inquest a verdict of “Accidental Death," was returned.
1916 - Ledbury Hunt Point-To-Point Steeple Chases
Hon Sec - Mr F Norman WHEATON, The Capital and Counties Bank ( The Old Bank ), Ledbury
1958 - C J THOMAS Manager

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