Old Ledbury - World War One in Ledbury - H GODSELL

World War One in Ledbury - H GODSELL

World War One in Ledbury - Lance-Corporal H. GODSELL - Coldstream Guards

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 05 12 1914
The following is taken from a letter written by Lance-Corporal H. GODSELL of the Coldstream Guards, son of Mrs. GODSELL, Yarkhill, to his brother, Mr George GODSELL:-
Just a line to let you know I am still alive and hoping to remain so, but things don't look much better. The German are hard nuts to crack. They are up to all sorts of moves. For my part, I think they are " flier" than England thought they were. We all thought it was going to be over in five minutes, but I think if it is over in twelve months we shall be lucky beggars. Although we have had it rough, we shall have it rougher still. It is not so bad when we can get plenty to eat and something to smoke. Of course we get plenty sometimes, but it is mostly the other road about. The wife has been very good in sending me a few things to help me along. I hope to hear from you again before Christmas, for it is nice to have a letter from someone just to cheer one up when one is amid shot and shell.
There is no doubt about it, the Guards have made a name for themselves this time. We have done more actual fighting than any other regiment in the British Army. We have gone forward when others have retired from the fighting line, and driven the Germans back. I am proud myself to be able to say I am one fighting for one of the finest causes that have ever been known. You should see the poor beggars who have been turned out of house and home. You would be pleased to be able to say that you were one of those who were helping to avenge them; for it was something awful to see them and their homes. But never fear! I can safely say I can account for half a dozen. I am sure my bullet has killed that number; there may be scores besides: one cannot tell.
In his letter Corporal GODSALL, whose brother was recently killed in action, states that he has been promoted for good conduct.

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