Old Ledbury - World War One in Ledbury - Sivel LANE

World War One in Ledbury - Sivel LANE

World War One in Ledbury - Private Sivel LANE

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 21 11 1914
Private Sivel LANE
In the space of 10 days Private Sivel LANE (son of Mr. W. S. LANE, The Farm, BOSBURY), joined the Army and landed in France. He recently joined with Mr. Guy SMITH, son of Mr. S. S. SMITH, Heath Farm, Dymock. They both joined Kitchener' Army, but have since been transferred, as the following letter, written by Mr, Sivel LANE to his father, will show. The letter is dated November 18th, and was sent from Royal Engineers, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot:- " You will see by this letter that we have not gone yet. We are all under orders to leave at an hour's notice. They won't let us go into the town unless we report at the Post office every hour, so expect we shall be off tomorrow. The major in command here inspected us this morning, gave us an address, and shook us all by the hand and wished us the best of luck. The King was down here yesterday and inspected some of the troops. We had a good view of his Majesty, who had a great reception from the soldiers.

" We have been out for a march to-day, and the Army boots have made my feet pretty sore. There are some tremendous camps round here. Our sergeant told me there were 400,000 in training. It is really a sight on the roads. You pass regiment after regiment of troops, and it is really wonderful how they are all kept, housed and fed. When we joined first we were in Kitchener's Army, but we have been transferred and are now in the Regular Army. None of Kitchener's Army have yet gone to the front.

" There is a regiment of Camerons here that the King reviewed, and they say they are equal to the Regulars, although they have only had three months training. "

Both Private LANE and Private SMITH left for France on Saturday last. A goodly number of farmers' sons have gone to the colours from the Ledbury and district, but there are still many eligible young men who have not yet responded to the call of their country.

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